New collections: Digimap

Access to new additional collections on the Digimap platform has now been enabled: Historic Digimap and Geology Digimap.

Through Historic Digimap a registered vistor can:

View images of historic Ordnance Survey maps dating from 1843 to 1996. Up to 4 maps of the same location but different dates can be viewed simultaneously. Print maps and download image data for use in GIS and image processing software.

Through Geology Digimap a registered visitor can:

View and download contemporary British Geological Survey map data. 1:50,000, 1:250,000 and 1:625,000 scales are available in ESRI and MapInfo formats, plus information from the Lexicon of Named Rock Units.

These two new collections are provided in parallel with the existing Digimap Ordnance Survey collection. Members of NTU already registered to use Digimap will need to complete an additional registration for Geology Digimap before being able to make use of the service. Members of NTU registering with Digimap for the first time will now be able to register to use Geology Digimap and the Digimap Ordnance Survey collection through a single registration process.