eBrary: issues with the deployment of the eBrary plug-in on the university network

eServices is urgently pursuing with IS the issue of PCs on the university network on which the eBrary plug-in (which is required to access the 30k titles in NTU’s eBrary collection) is absent. It is currently believed that, in the affected cases, the plug-in may have been inadvertently removed as the consequence of unrelated network updates. IS intend to update us on the issue and the timetable for its resolution early next week.

To assist eServices in documenting the extent of the problem, please report to us any and all instances of PCs on which the eBrary plug-in appears to be absent – providing details of the PCs location and (where possible) machine names.

Please be aware that this problem does not affect eBooks on other platforms – including titles on Knovel, Credo Reference, Taylor and Francis or the JISC eBook Observatory project.