Authentication changes: IHS database services

On-campus and off-campus authentication to the IHS database services has changed, and links in eSearch have been updated accordingly. On-campus access to The Construction Information Service, OHSIS (Occupational Health and Safety Information Service) and Trading Standards Specialist is now direct; and off-campus access is via university username and password. Athens authenticated access to these services is no longer available at present.

These arrangements have been agreed with IHS as an interim arrangement to enable access to these services while the company’s work to support the new Shibboleth framework is completed. Once IHS is Shibboleth-compliant, off-campus access will continue to be by university username and password; while on-campus access may also then require a university username and password (i.e. no longer be direct). eServices will provide updates on this as IHS concludes its work to support Shibboleth.