Credo Reference – Athens login URL updated

The off-campus direct Athens login URL for the Credo Reference service has been updated in eSearch (for all five separate Credo listings: Complete; Biography; Dictionaries; Encyclopedias; Quotations) and now points to:

From within the Credo Reference interface, off-campus customers can access the login screen through the Login with your Athens username and password link under the ‘Book citation’ screen of any selected title (see illustration below).

Credo Reference login screen with Athens login link highlighted

Please be aware that, although Credo Reference offers a ‘Log in via your institution’ link (which connects to a Shibboleth login process), LLR is not yet supporting Shibboleth authentication for this service. eServices is working with Credo’s technical team on a number of issues which need to be resolved before LLR can migrate to Shibboleth-based authentication.