Athens to Shibboleth migrations – eBrary and RefWorks

The move from Athens to Shibboleth authentication for both eBrary and RefWorks is now scheduled to take place during the last two weeks of August.

RefWorks’ technical team are running tests on a sample data set that we have provided before moving to the wholesale transfer of the existing accounts from Athens to Shibboleth identifiers – this will mean that existing customer accounts (including all saved references and folders) will be automatically transfered over when the move to Shibboleth is effected.

For LLR customers with ‘Bookshelf’ content (saved favourites, notes, highlighted sections of eBooks, etc) in their eBrary account, a different method has been agreed with the providers. Once the Shibboleth login process has been activated on eBrary, customers will have the option to pull across their previously stored ‘Bookshelf’ information from their Athens to their Shibboleth account. This involves the customer copying a ‘key’ number from the screen into an email to eBrary along with their Athens username; eBrary then manage the move of the data on their behalf. Customers who have not previously used the ‘Bookshelf’ facility, or who do not wish to transfer their previous saved content, are not required to take any action. The simple process of arranging the ‘Bookshelf’ transfer will, of course, be fully documented with eServices providing all necessary technical support.