eBrary bookshelf migration

As indicated in an earlier update, LLR customers who previously logged in to the eBrary eBook platform using an Athens username and password and who wish to retain access to their customised eBrary Bookshelf content can have that content moved across to their new eBrary account (based on their university username and password).

Instructions on how to arrange the transfer had been added to a ‘Bookshelf Migration Instructions’ button in the banner of the eBrary interface.

However, initial experience suggests that some customers have found the process difficult to follow. As a result, migration requests will now be mediated by the eServices team who will liaise with eBrary support on the customer’s behalf to arrange the transfer. An updated and simplified version of the instructions now reads:

From 1 September 2009, access to ebooks on the ebrary platform for Nottingham Trent University staff and students is by university username and password.

If you have logged into ebrary previously (using an Athens username and password) you may have stored notes, bookmarks and highlighted sections of text in your ebrary Bookshelf.

If you do not want to retain any of the ebrary Bookshelf data that you previously created under your Athens login, you need take no further action. However, if you want to transfer this Bookshelf data so that you can access it with your university username and password, please do the following:

Send an email with the subject line eBrary bookshelf migration to eServices email address and include your university username in the body of the email.

LLR will then arrange with ebrary support to have your bookshelf content migrated to your new university username and password login.

Once confirmation has been received from eBrary that the migration has been completed, the eServices team will contact the customer by email and ask them to confirm that the process has been successful.