RefWorks – workflow for any mismatched accounts for returning students

The account migration from Athens to Shibboleth authentication on the RefWorks platform has gone extremely well, with only a tiny number of individual account issues requiring further intervention. However, it is possible that, as returning students begin to login to RefWorks in greater numbers, more issues may arise. We have become aware that if a student mistyped their university username at the point that they first registered for RefWorks the identifier that Shibboleth releases to RefWorks will not match, and they will not be associated with their previous saved record set.

If you encounter any instances where returning students (or staff members) logging in to RefWorks find that previously saved references (stored under their Athens login) are ‘missing’, please send the customer’s details to the Lib eServices mailbox, and reassure the customer that previously saved records will be restored to their account. eServices can then make the necessary account changes to reinstate access to that saved content.