Network deployment of new Write-N-Cite plug-in for Word – January 2010

The eServices team has worked with colleagues in the Software Deployment team in IS to schedule the deployment of Version 3 of the RefWorks Write-N-Cite plug for Word in January 2010. Deployment will begin in w/b 4 January, and a further update will follow once IS has confirmed that the deployment has been completed on all staff and student PCs.

The key enhancement that v3 of Write-N-Cite delivers is the ability to work with (and incrementally update) a single Word document containing in-text citations and associated bibliography (rather than having to generate separate FINAL versions of each annotated document). As it is possible to continue to amend a document for which formatted citations have been generated, staff and students can view the ‘actual’ references in their work-in-progress documents (rather than the coded RefWorks placeholders).

Because of the underlying changes in the software which makes this enhancement possible, any documents previously created using v2 of Write-N-Cite will need to be converted to become compatible with v3. The simple conversion process is documented on the eServices Support wiki. A step-by-step walkthough document is downloadable from the wiki page in both Word and .pdf formats.