New resource: Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

The BoB (Box of Broadcasts) off-air recording and broadcast media archive service is now available through Library OneSearch. Access to BoB is by university username and password on-campus and off-campus (and, for licensing reasons, is only available within the UK). The resource is described as follows:

BoB is an off-air recording and media archive service. Its scheduling service allows you to record TV and radio programmes that are scheduled to be broadcast over the next seven days, as well as retrieving programmes from the last seven days from a selected list of recorded channels. BoB’s archive includes thousands of programmes.

Through the BoB service, it is possible to:

  • watch programmes from the BoB archive, (which currently offers tens of thousands of TV and radio programmes)
  • record programmes due to be broadcast in the next seven days
  • retrieve TV and radio programmes from selected channels, which have been broadcast in the previous seven days
  • create and share playlists of programmes
  • create clips from programmes
  • embed clips/whole programmes within NOW

A detailed BoB User Guide is available through the Find Databases listing for the resource in Library OneSearch.

At present there are some technical issues to be aware of when embedding BoB content in other web contexts. These are documented in the brief vid-cast below. It is expected that these issues will be improved in the forthcoming BoB upgrade scheduled for October 2013.

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) - embedded content
Box of Broadcasts (BoB) – embedded content

To further promote the visibility of the BoB service, a direct link to the BoB homepage is included in the description text for the ‘Books and Audio-Visual’ tab of Library OneSearch (see illustration below):
The BoB link in the 'Books and Audio-Visual' tab
The BoB link in the ‘Books and Audio-Visual’ tab