New resource: Dawn of the Unread eBook series

Dawn of the Unread - titles

The sixteen free-to-access eBook titles in the Dawn of the Unread series (part of the award-winning Nottingham-based Dawn of the Unread project) can now be accessed through Library OneSearch. The Dawn of the Unread series imagines:

what would happen if the great literary figures from Nottingham’s past went unread. If their ideas are not preserved and made accessible will they effectively disappear from our minds? Sillitoe, Lawrence, Byron et al would never put up with such an insult and so return from the grave, in a twist on the zombie genre, in search of the one thing that will ensure their survival: ‘boooks’.

Catalogue records for each of the sixteen entries in the series (including links to the PDF versions of each instalment) are now available in Library OneSearch:

The Dawn of the Unread series is also available through a mobile app on the Windows, Android and iOs platforms.

Dawn of the Unread