Digital National Security Archive (DNSA) migration to the ProQuest platform

DNSA - ProQuest - 2015

Access to the Digital National Security Archive (DNSA) has been migrated from the legacy Chadwyck-Healey platform to the current main ProQuest platform in Library OneSearch. All links in LOS have been updated, and access is now direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus.

The database can now be searched separately or alongside other databases on the platform. The DNSA collection can also be selected for remote searching (metasearching) in Library OneSearch (when logged in) and individual catalogue records for materials in the DNSA will be made available in the ‘All’ index of Library OneSearch shortly.

The library’s subscription to DNSA now includes a larger number of sub-collections, namely:

  • Chile and the United States: U.S. Policy toward Democracy, Dictatorship, and Human Rights, 1970–1990
  • CIA Family Jewels Indexed
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis: 50th Anniversary Update
  • Iraqgate: Saddam Hussein, U.S. Policy and the Prelude to the Persian Gulf War, 1980–1994
  • U.S. Intelligence and China: Collection, Analysis and Covert Action
  • U.S. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy, 1945–1991