WGSN – new platform launched; off-campus registration issues

The WGSN service has launched a new and upgraded platform. Access links in Library OneSearch have been updated accordingly. Access to the service for staff and students remains direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus. Additional individual account registration is still required in order to make use of WGSN services.

The Creating a user account for WGSN guide available through Library OneSearch has been updated to take account of the WGSN site changes.

Currently, due to the site upgrade, it is not possible to register for a new WGSN account from an off-campus location. A note alerting staff and students to this access constraint has been added to the WGSN record in LOS.

Previously registered users can continue to access the site from off-campus; and once an account has been registered from an on-site location, off-campus access is available. The library is in discussion with the WGSN technical team to see if off-site registration for WGSN can be restored.

WGSN - March - 2016

UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 2016: Off-campus registration for the WGSN service is possible once again. An updated how-to-register guide has been made available through Library OneSearch