Platform update: Taylor and Francis online

Taylor and Francis have recently launched a new integrated content platform. Access remains direct on-campus and by university username and password from off-campus. Among a number of enhancements, the upgrade ensures that the platform makes use of ‘responsive’ design techniques to render full-text content to best effect on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices as well as to the desktop. No changes are have been introduced to the linking syntax on the platform, so deep-link access is unaffected. The library’s customisation features on the new platform have been reviewed and updated.

Taylor and Francis summarise the benefits of the new platform as follows –

  • Intuitive and readable article layout: A new article display organises figures & data, references, citations and article statistics into tabs, plus highlights reader’s access options and the article PDF.
  • Enhanced discoverability: The multi-faceted search makes finding articles and journals simpler and faster, with options to filter by subject, publication date, and access options.
  • Prominent journal branding: Making it easy for readers to identify and access key journals. Journal titles and covers are elevated and Journal pages display related and key content using a streamlined and easy to read new “card” design.
  • A fully responsive design: No matter where in the world the reader is, whether they’re on a mobile device, tablet or computer, they can get straight to the research they need, read it, bookmark it, and download it to their library.
Taylor and Francis - new platform - responsive design

The new Taylor and Francis platform, showing an article display on a smartphone screen