Sage Catalyst eTextbook pilot launched

Sage Catalyst logo

LLR HAS LAUNCHED an initial one-year pilot of SAGE Catalyst: a teaching and learning engagement software tool powered by Talis Elevate, which contains a ‘fully loaded collection of recent and premium social science electronic textbooks from SAGE.’

Agreeing to this pilot has enabled LLR to make available for the first time, online versions of over 70 core Resource List titles, that were previously only available in print.

Sage Catalyst contains the latest editions of over 500 premium, cross-disciplinary textbooks from across the social sciences, in subjects such as:

  • Business & Management (70+ titles)
  • Education (90+ titles)
  • Research methods (60+ titles)
  • Nursing (40+ titles)
  • Psychology (30+ titles)
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy (40+ titles)
  • Social work (30+ titles)
  • Media & Communication (30+ titles)
  • Sociology (30+ titles)
  • Criminology (20+ titles)
  • Politics (20+ titles)

Access to all electronic textbooks in the collection are available, in unlimited simultanteous use, to all NTU students and staff members. Content is made available through the Talis Elevate platform and authentication is by university username and password.

Talis Elevate is a new teaching and learning environment that enables student and faculty collaboration ‘within’ the textbook content. Talis Elevate can be integrated in to the VLE to provide students with their required reading in a form that is easily accessible, encourages collaboration and offers advanced analytics on student engagement to academics.

The result is a more active learning experience for students and stronger teaching support for the lecturer.

SAGE Catalyst further enables the instructor to add open educational resources, as well as other licensed institutional content so the package can be enhanced by the instructor, with no content modifications required.

Records for all titles in the subject areas listed above have also been added to Library OneSearch. Examples include: