Adam Matthew Explorer discovery records

FOLLOWING THE ADDITION of the Adam Matthew Explorer platform to the Find Databases service, individual discovery records for materials in all the Explorer collections have now been added to Library OneSearch and Library OneSearch Pro.

More than 200,000 new records (207,715 to be exact) from across a wide variety of subject areas and disciplines are now available. The full set of Explorer collections is as follows:

African American Communities
Age of Exploration
American History 1493-1859
American History 1860-1945
American Indian Histories and Cultures
American Indian Newspapers
American West
Apartheid South Africa, 1948-1966
Apartheid South Africa, 1967-1975
Apartheid South Africa, 1976-1980
China, America and the Pacific
China: Culture and Society
China: Trade, Politics and Culture
Colonial America
Confidential Print: Africa, 1834-1966
Confidential Print: Latin America, 1833-1969
Confidential Print:
Confidential Print: North America, 1824-1961
Defining Gender
East India Company
Eighteenth Century Drama
Eighteenth Century Journals
Empire Online
Everyday Life and Women in America, c1800-1920
Food and Drink in History,
Foreign Office Files for China, 1919-1929
Foreign Office Files for China, 1930-1937
Foreign Office Files for China, 1938-1948
Foreign Office Files for China, 1949-1956
Foreign Office Files for China, 1957-1966
Foreign Office Files for China, 1967-1980
Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, 1947-1964
Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, 1965-1971
Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, 1972-1980
Foreign Office Files for Japan, 1931-1945
Foreign Office Files for Japan, 1946-1952
Foreign Office Files for Japan, 1919-1930
Foreign Office Files for Southeast Asia, 1963-1966
Foreign Office Files for the Middle East
Frontier Life
Gender: Identity and Social Change
Global Commodities
India Raj and Empire
J. Walter Thompson: Advertising America
Jewish Life in America, c1654-1954
Leisure, Travel and
Literary Manuscripts Berg
Literary Manuscripts Leeds
Literary Studies
London Low Life
Macmillan Cabinet Papers, 1957-1963
Market Research And American Business
Mass Observation I
Mass Observation II
Mass Observation III
Mass Observation IV
Mass Observation Online
Mass Observation Project 1980s
Medical Services and Warfare
Medieval Family Life
Medieval Travel Writing
Meiji Japan
Migration to New Worlds
Migration to New Worlds
Perdita Manuscripts, 1500-1700
Popular Culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975
Popular Medicine in America, 1800-1900
Poverty, Philanthropy and Social Conditions
Race Relations in America
Romanticism: Life, Literature and Landscape
Service Newspapers of WWII
Sex and Sexuality
Shakespeare in Performance
Shakespeare’s Globe Archive
Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice
Socialism on Film
The First World War A Global Conflict
The First World War Personal Experiences
The First World War Propaganda and Recruitment
The First World War Visual Perspectives and Narratives
The Grand Tour
The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Trade Catalogues and the American Home
Travel Writing, Spectacle and World History
Victorian Popular Culture Spiritualism
Victorian Popular Culture Circuses
Victorian Popular Culture Music Hall
Victorian Popular Culture Moving pictures
Virginia Company Archives
Women in The National Archives
World’s Fairs

The following are a few randomly selected examples from within those collections:

Interview with Arthur Kirmss, 4 April 2011

Atlanta Police Department – annual reports, 1938-1941

Indian education at Hampton and Carlisle

Clowns & pantomimes / by M. Willson Disher

Authenticated access to all Adam Matthew Explorer titles is by university username and password.