New resource: Subculture Archives

Detail from a collage of photographs, flyers and tickets compiled from the Subculture Archives

ACCESS TO THE Subculture Archives is now available through a new listing in the library’s Find Databases service.

The resource is described as follows:

A multimedia archive of primary sources exploring 100 years of youth culture through the scenes, styles, sounds and signifiers of different youth movements. The Subculture Archives contains images and photographs; recorded and transcribed oral histories, podcasts and playlists; flyers and ephemera; and many examples of fashion, graphic design and printed publications. Drawing on the work of The Subcultures Network of academic researchers, the archive also includes lectures, articles, videos and other research materials.

Authenticated access to the resource is by university username and password.

The resource appears as a ‘Recommended Database’ in Library OneSearch and Library OneSearch Pro when running searches for terms such as ‘counterculture’, ‘subculture’, ‘youth culture’, ‘punk’, ‘hippy’, ‘acid house’ and other related terms.

A subscription to the Subcultures Archives has been paid for by the Nottingham School of Art & Design. The first subscription year runs until 17 January 2024.