WGSN access moves to Single Sign On

WGSN - March - 2016

FROM 29 MARCH 2023, authenticated access to WGSN (the World Global Style Network) will be by university username and password.

The move to Single Sign On (SSO) will replace the need for staff and students to register and maintain individual accounts, and to remember personally created WGSN credentials.

The migration to SSO for WGSN will take place at around 14:00 on 29 March 2023, at which point the access details on the Find Databases listing for WGSN will be updated. The move will not involve any downtime and, up until the point of switchover, NTU staff and students will be able to continue using their existing WGSN account credentials.

As part of the migration process, all existing personalised settings on WGSN will be moved over to the new Single Sign On environment. This means that no manual intervention will be required to ensure account continuity.

The move to SSO for WGSN will make for a far better user experience of the service, and resolve the problems caused by personal account expiry and forgotten password information.