Barbour: migration to the v4.0 platform – changes in listings

The platform for the Barbour interface has been upgraded and moved to a new domain address, necessitating changes in the resource discovery listings for Barbour online titles.

As the default for the new interface is cross-searchability across all titles in the Barbour collection, a single new listing for Barbour has replaced the following individual listings:

  • Barbour – Architectural Construction Expert
  • Barbour – Building Product Expert
  • Barbour Building Services Construction Expert
  • Barbour – Civil and Structural Construction Expert
  • Barbour – Facilities Management Expert
  • Barbour OPUS Building Services Design File
  • Barbour – Property and Facilities Manager Construction Expert

‘Barbour’ appears under the Building Construction; Civil Enginering and Real Estate sub-categories of the Built Environment eSearch category.

As it covers a different subject area, the listing for Barbour Food Safety Professional has been retained and renamed as Barbour Professional Series – Food Safety. Although it points to the same interface, listings for this resource include instructions on how to restrict searches to the Food Safety database.