New resource trial: Art Museum Image Gallery

Trial access to the Art Museum Image Gallery has been set up in eSearch > eResource trials > Active trials. Access is direct on-campus; with Athens username and password authentication for off-campus access. The trial lasts until 19 May, and all feedback should be sent to Rachel Campbell. The resource is described as follows:

The Art Museum Image Gallery is a digital resource of art images and related multimedia gathered from the collections of distinguished museums around the world.

Full bibliographic records accompany every image, and all images are offered in three sizes including a high resolution based on the traditional 1024 x 760 pixel sizing. The images are all rights cleared for educational use, as are all other images in the Art Museum Image Gallery.

In addition to searching in the native interface, Art Museum Image Gallery can also be remotely searched via eSearch. The SFX button will not appear in the search results screen of Art Museum Image Gallery records in eSearch. Direct access to individual objects in the AMIG database is via the ‘External link’ in the ‘Full View’ of the search result in eSearch.

As LLR already subscribes to two art packages on the HW Wilson platform, the AMIG will also appear as a selectable resource in the native interface when following existing links to ‘Art Retrospective’ and ‘Art Full Text’.