dawsonera – ongoing service problems

Technical issues which have taken the dawsonera eBook platform offline since 18 June are ongoing. At present, no eBook content is available on dawsonera but work to receover the full functionality of the platform is ongoing. THe latest update from the company reports the following:

dawsonera – Latest Update: 11:40, 20th June 2014

We’re sorry to inform you that we anticipate the full dawsonera service to continue to be unavailable throughout the weekend.

However, we are working to restore access to the most frequently used titles in the first instance and then will progressively load additional titles based on accesses and year-to-date usage over the weekend. We’ll confirm further updates on our progress in the next few hours.

Once again, we can only apologise for the unacceptable loss to access to our systems and the inconvenience this has caused you and your users over the last few days. At this stage we are not able to provide you with a timescale for the full & complete service to be restored of all the 350,000+ titles, but will update you regularly as we progress with this activity.

If you have any queries, please contact your digital team by email enquiries@dawsonera.co.uk.

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