dawsonera – service restored; some features not yet returned

The dawsonera eBook service was brought back online later on the evening of Friday 20 June. The latest update from the company outlines the remaining service features which have still to be fully restored:

dawsonera – Service Now Restored: 23 June 2014

We’re very pleased to finally confirm that late on Friday 20 June the dawsonera service was restored.

In summary:

  • For PDA Customers, auto-purchases will work and be provisioned (available for immediate use).
  • All PDFs are now available.

Please note, however, that whilst the majority of the functionality has been restored, the following are not currently available:

  • ePUBs are currently unavailable for download and reading online.
  • For Admin Users (Librarians) reporting will not be available
  • EDI and manual orders (batches) will be processed but not provisioned (not available on ERA).

For those items not currently working, it’s our immediate priority now to focus on these issues and resolve in order to provide full functionality as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience as we have worked towards resuming this service. Further updates will follow as we have them.

If you have any queries, please contact your digital team by email enquiries@dawsonera.com.

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