Talis deploy RLMS changes: integrations require update

A screeshot of a resource list showing selected items

TALIS HAVE THIS morning deployed some configuration changes to our RLMS tenancy that will improve both the security and resilience of the service.

These changes will not affect the current operation of list creation, editing, publishing or review, or the collection of bookmarks or the management of profiles.

However, these changes do require that the integrations that the library has developed between the RLMS and other services (such as NOW, LOS and SFX) need to be updated to align with the new settings.

There may be some temporary disruption to these integrations (such as RLMS widgets and library apps such as Relic) while this work is completed – the first such upgrades have already been deployed and are live.

A further update will follow once all existing integrations are confirmed as in sync with the new protocols.