Talis RLMS changes: integrations updated

A screenshot from an RLMS list, showing a number of resources in summary view

FOLLOWING TALIS’ DEPLOYMENT of upgrades to the Resource List Management System this morning, integrations with connected library services have been updated.

Talis Aspire connections have been reviewed (and revisions deployed as required) for the following applications:

  • NOW: The RLMS widget, which displays information about a module’s matching resource list, the number of items on that list, and the date of most recent update (together with a deep-link to the resource list in Aspire) has been re-enabled;
  • Library OneSearch and Library OneSearch Pro: The ability to ‘Send to my RLMS bookmarks’ from an LOS search result is active;
  • SFX: The function that allow academics to ‘Save this resource to your Resource List Management System (RLMS) bookmarks’ is running normally;
  • Copythat: Real-time and scheduled confirmation of matches between requested items and the current resource lists are both running as usual;
  • Relic: The ability to check for the presence of a LCN, DOI, ISSN or ISBN on a current resource list has been reinstated;

Upgrades to the resource list widget in the Engage VLE platform used to support Distance Learning provision are under review by the Wiley technical team. In the meantime, deep-links to the matching Aspire resource lists are being added to all DL modules to provide ongoing access pending completion of the technical works.

UPDATED, 19 NOVEMBER: Wiley have been able to update the resource lists widgets on the Engage Distance Learning platform, which are working normally once more.